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I began dreaming about Sylaphant (not to be confused with the word sycophant) about 3 years ago and she has continually showed up in my dreams, teaching me different aspects of her gift. She is a nymph and imbues very specific aspects of nature.

Here she is depicted feet rooted firmly in earth with the cattail plant growing in front of her illuminating her fecund nature  

Sylaphant Nature Nymph: Whispering Winds Vibrational Essence

Vibrational Essence of Sylaphant $18   

As I have slowly integrated each lesson she would reveal more. As I write about in my book Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice  - often once an archetypal energy has fully revealed its self - the deity, plant, etc...  the work is done - as you have integrated that learning and you are now an aspect of that living disposition. The beloved archetype you have come to know and rely on will not come as often or at all, to make room for the next turn of the wheel in your evolution. I have not dreamt of her in over 2 months and have decided to honor her by trying to sum up her energy and share it with others in the form of a vibrational essence. As Isha Lerner stresses once you learn a principal it is paramount one finds a way to share it. 

Often when I dream about big energies my psyche is not ready to comprehend and engage with, a herald will appear to me in a dream and announce who is to come. In this case a male voice very clearly announced "Sylaphant, is a holder of ancient magic". That was that. In about 2 weeks she started coming to me in my dreams and teaching me regularly. 

I hesitated sharing her image that I had painted to invite her more into my conscious but have ultimately decided it is powerful and helpful in understanding her energies: 

* She is crowed with divine light as she does not need outside adornment

*Her eyes are closed because she looks inside for council

*She looks blissful because she is at peace

* Her heart is on fire and blazes fiercely and wonderfully 

*Her jeweled nipples represent the succor she offers the world though her many gifts 

*She is imbued with the divine gift of expression through voice and her high-heart leading her on the path of integrity

*Her beautiful shining navel represent she is the navel of creation

*Her fecund yoni is a elegant power symbol honoring her energy of the divine feminine and her ability to birth ideas and environments into the world  

* Her strong legs are firmly grounded into the earth

*Her blaze integrates all the power markers into self  


Key energies: Deep magic, fecundity, understanding nature though your own nature, your literal body as an allegory for nature, creation through the primordial feminine.

Sylaphant, imparts all of the energies listed above and if you allow her really, really, getting to know  your most natural self, and being deeply content with what you find. Once this occurs it is fascinating to observe what grows in your life.  






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