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In A Way The Grain Can Feel

Posted by Candice Covington on

In A Way The Grain Can Feel

St. Teresa of Avila (1515 - 1582) was a remarkable woman and after a near death experience, a spiritual awakening began, in which she cultivated a system of meditation,  that sought quieting the mind to such an extent that God could be heard speaking. She had a great desire for learning and when the Inquisition, in 1559, forbade women to read, Teresa turned to God and asked Him to teach her soul about divine love. She then began to write from her own experience verses dogma. Most of what we see from her writing today is probably reigned way back, as her writing fell into the hands of those who opposed her work through out her life.

She uses nature in all of it's complexity, often to help us understand the human experience. Deepak Chopra has a quote that expands on this. "The force fields of Nature are the force fields of Consciousness. They are force fields of Knowledge". 

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