New Offering - Chakra Balancing Treatment at InBalance Yoga Studio - Orem, UT

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Chakra Balancing Session

 Even though the body appears to be material, it is not. In the deeper reality, your body is a field of energy, transformation and intelligence. 

 This treatment is based on the ancient healing ritual called Tattva Shuddhi. Translated simply this means deep purification, transformation and rejuvenation. You may benefit from this treatment if you relate to:

  • Past experiences or emotions being stored at a subtle level you would like released
  • Desiring more vitality
  • Shifting the energy around deeply rooted behaviors
  • Positive traits you would like to nourish and develop
  • Undergoing transition of any sort
  • Deeply cleansing and nourishing your Chakral system
  • Supplementing and supporting your spiritual, mediation and yoga practice
  • Stimulating your divine intelligence allowing you to bloom into your full potential!   

 What you can expect: This treatment begins with liberating the energy around the spine and neck, encouraging a clear flow of energy to feed into your 7 primary Chakras, which are housed along this section of the body. Simply stated, each Chakra affects a different aspect of Self: Root—physical body; Sacral—emotional body; Solar Plexus—mental body; Heart—All types of love; Throat—expression; Third eye—intuition; Crown—connection to the divine.

This session is further enhanced by the use of mantra (healing vibrations), yantra (sacred geometry) and exotic essential oils formulated for this treatment. You will be anointed at the energy center along the spine where each Chakra resides with an essential oil precisely tuned to that energy center. Then a warmed hand carved teak yantra with correlating gemstone in the center, is placed on each Chakra, while the practitioner infuses the energy of the corresponding mantra silently; your treatment ends with reflexology and marma point work.

This treatment stimulates a profound response, purifying and revitalizing each of the Chakras, which in turn stimulate the deepest manifestations of consciousness within the human body, opening one to the grandeur and infinite spectrum of one’s nature.

Each session begins with an intuitive process, where you choose a oracle card to see which Chakra needs to be tonified and ends with recommendations for further empowerment


Introductory rate 60 minutes - $49  . 65 minutes - $66.00

To set appointment: 801-691-1090


Address: 436 W. 800 N. in Orem, UT


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