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Divine Archetypes products are: art, stories, poems, epic tales, and myth woven in scent and vibration, allowing one to experience oneself out of current time and space; and indeed stepping into the timeless and knowing a mythos beyond your current self.    

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Ganesha anointing oil, chakra balancing misters and dosha bath salts  

The idea of gifting Art  is as ancient as art itself. For Greek and related cultures, one supplicated muses for the gift of inspiration and paid tribute to them through their expression. As Lewis Hyde has pointed out in The GiftCreativity and the Artist in the Modern World, this reciprocal gift-giving resembles what occurred in the rituals of Greek mystery cults, as well as the Christian ritual of the Eucharist. The word Eucharist, in fact, derives from Greek roots referring to gift-giving: eu + kharistia can be translated as “giving blessed gifts” or “thanks-giving.” According to Hyde, the gifted artist, like a priest, uplifts audiences by facilitating their communion with the mystery of the creation, or Creation itself. “The primary commerce of art is a gift exchange,” Hyde argues, drawing a distinction between buying a commodity like a hacksaw at a hardware store and receiving the “gift” or “spirit” of a sublime expression. “Works of art exist simultaneously in two ‘economies,’ a market economy and a gift economy,” he reminds us. “Only one of these is essential, however: a work of art can survive without the market, but where there is no gift there is no art.” 

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