Limited Run Rose Otto Absolute (Rosa damascena) Bulgaria

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How Did The Rose?


did the rose

ever open its heart

and give to this world all of its beauty?

It felt the encouragement of light against its being,

otherwise we all remain too


- Hafiz 

It takes about 30 hand-picked blossoms or 2,000 petals to yield one drop of rose essential oil 

Key Vibrations: Love, grace, enlightenment

Rose Otto stimulates the desire to work toward enlightenment via the path of the heart. Love being the key to unfolding the path at each state of development, this is a route filled with grace that teaches strength in gentleness, which results in harmonious actions. It is a very good essential oil to use if you do not want to attend the school of hard knocks along the way. 

Stimulates the the 4th and 7th chakra and is considered a prabhava. This translates to mean 'special quality'. Plants (that essential oils are distilled from) occasionally rise above the general schemata for understanding their behavior and have specific qualities that transcend thought, displaying uniqueness beyond general rules.   

Key Physical Actions: Antidepressant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti - viral, anti -inflammatory. Medicinal Uses: Abrasions, asthma, blood pressure - high, burns, candida, capillaries - fragile, circulation - slow, concentration - lack of, cough, depression - post natal, eczema, fever, head ache, liver - congestion, migraine, libido - low, palpitations, rashes, stress, swelling.* 


10 ml  ~ Rose Otto Absolute blended in coconut and rose hip base oil (25%) dilution rate. $25.00


Please e-mail for the oil sizes below or larger sizes 

.8 oz neat (only the essential oil)  ~ $30.00

.12 neat (only the essential oil) ~ $44.00 

.25 neat (only the essential oil) ~ $80.00

the neat oils are hand labeled 



 *Australasian Collage of Health Sciences 



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