Palden Lhamo Vibrational Essence

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Palden Lhamo

Palden Lhamo vibrational essence. $14.50

In the Buddhist pantheon, Palden Lhamo is a wrathful deity, a fierce and powerful Dark Goddess, one of the Eight Guardians of the Law (Dharma), and the only female among them. A wrathful deity in the Buddhist tradition is typically a manifestation of its peaceful counterpart, and as such, Palden Lhamo is the wrathful counterpart to the peaceful White Tara.

In The Psychology of Buddhist Tantra, Rob Preece describes Palden Lhamo as such:

She is a ferocious-looking crone, a wild and terrible demoness, riding a mule across an ocean of blood. She is the queen of witches and spirits, bringing them under her power. She scatters vile diseases on those who disregard her, or who act in ways that are malignant to the Dharma. She bestows psychic powers such as clairvoyance and a knowledge of healing. …Palden Lhamo has a lunar link, with her hair adorned by a moon, as though she is…the dark moon. This dark side of the feminine can clearly be seen as a Shadow to the light lunar forms, which White Tara most closely embodies. (2006, p. 191)

Preece goes on to say:

Thus, in all deities, a dual nature is evident; light and dark, upper world and underworld, peaceful and wrathful. The forces of the Shadow are not inherently demonic and terrible. Light and dark, good and evil, creation and destruction are relative dualities that have no ultimate true nature. They are not absolutes. It is our ignorance and lack of insight that seeks out one and fears the other.

The forces of the Shadow become demonic because they are not given appropriate recognition, conscious understanding, or respect. …In the East, the dark side of reality, with its potency, wildness, and destructiveness, is given the due respect it requires and placed in the temple as the wrathful deity, the bringer of wisdom and light. (2006, pp. 191-2)

Palden Lhamo embodies the very important flip side of White Tara’s energy. Palden Lhamo is the crone, the dark goddess, and the wildness within. She is depicted riding her mule across a sea of menstrual blood, carrying bags of disease tied to her saddle. This is significant because, if unacknowledged, the dark side of our nature fosters neuroses and disease.

She also tethers her Mo dice, a Tibetan divination system that speaks to understanding emptiness and that each moment is connected to the moment before. We are always empowered to change our lives and destinies.

She teaches the value of the deep feminine gifts of healing, clairvoyance, and the death/rebirth forces of the dark moon. Palden Lhamo is ready to help you root out, recognize, and transform the deepest, most disturbing aspects of self. She protects us from harm inflicted not only by others, but also by ourselves.

The sun shines from her navel, her hair is adorned with a crescent moon-peacock feather jewel, and she is shaded by a peacock feather fan. She is led through flames by Makaravaktra, the makara-headed dakini, while the lion-headed dakini Simhavaktra follows behind. The sea of boiling blood (fire within/passion), the corpses (symbolic of dying to the old), and entrails (our most visceral places) are not associated with offerings to appease her but illuminate some of her gifts. Her ultimate nature is as a protector of the way of compassion to self and others.

 Key Energies: 

* Understanding the concept of  emptiness and how to use each moment to its fullest to create your reality 

* Cultivate being clairvoyant, clairaudient, knowledge of healing, and other psychic skills

* Energetic Protection from negative forces (within and without) 

* Having the energy to take hold of your life and make changes 

* Understanding the Dark Goddess and all this energy holds 

* Being empowered and only answering to self or energies that are kind and supportive 

 * Use before any divination rites 

* Deep wisdom. Palden Lhamo is the personification of Ether or the void (some people call it the akashic record) her energy allows you access information out of space and time that is beyond your human experience

* Access to work with ones shadow side - that is normally hidden from ones own view 

* Understanding duality and how one embodies this energy and how to work with this gift

* Waking up from a 'sleep' state and seeing reality as it is 

* Working with the energy of the Dark Moon and all this vibration holds


Please remember when using this vibrational essence you invoke her entire archetype. You may fine-tune the energy you want to work with by focusing on the specific aspects you want to invite into your life 



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