Hawthorn Tree (black type) Flower Essence

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"Hawthorn produces flowers that smell like semen and contain a chemical that is emitted by human corpses. Conception and death are represented in one pretty flower." - Scott Kloos 

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Key Energies: Betrayal. Deep Pain. Fear

This essence helps heal the pain, deep hurt, and fear that occur due to betrayal (emotionally or physically) especially, if the source is from a group or person you trusted or loved. When such experiences imprint on the psyche / emotional body it is often hard to open yourself again and allow yourself to be vulnerable. 

This essence helps heal these wounds and supports building relationships and reestablishing the emotional foundation on which feeling safe, the ability to trust, and to share the soft intimate aspects of self.


Try making a cup of chamomile tea ( soothing, comforting, feeling safe and loved) and add 9 drops (the energy of greater cycles of expansion, access to the emotional body, love given and received) of hawthorn flower essence. Stir in a figure 8. Before you sip, make yourself comfortable and envision yourself enveloped in pink, green, and gold. When you are ready take your first sip and feel all the negativity of your betrayal evaporate from your body and those charred, distorted, rubbed raw places, being filled with the luminous energy of the hawthorn tree.  


Our vibrational essences are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flower and taste like sunshine, happiness, and positive expectations 


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