Goddess of the Moors: New ventures, Ideas that transform lives and energize people, Inspiration into action

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Moors are magical places in the Highlands that are uncultivated hill land with low-growing vegetation  

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When you Invoke the energy of the Goddess of the Moors she brings courage, good cheer, and elevates to the path of the heart. Her stalwart energy does not allow one to be crushed by circumstances, or to be dispirited, instead springing back and arising with renewed confidence and faith to overcome what ever tries to put you down.

She offers the delightful gift of not taking yourself to seriously and grants the boon of the ability to relax and enjoy life, affirming your essential foolishness! Resulting in yourself being more loving and letting in the love that already surrounds you.

Key Concepts: New ventures, ideas that transform lives and energize people, inspiration into action


Our vibrational essences are stabilized in a matrix of Elder Flower and taste like sunshine, positive expectations and happiness. This essence is a beautiful way to invite the energy of the Goddess of the Moors into your life  


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  • Darling Terry McGill! What a beautiful share. I have the blessing of knowing you and I see YOU very much embody the energy of the ‘Unshakeable Heart’. Although, it always feels good to have our inherent nature supported by numinous vibrations that refine and expand. Thank you for choosing to walk this path :)

    Divine Archetypes on

  • This essence called to me when I saw your first post, Candice. Reading here on this page, I see why: especially the heart aspect. I have been working toward Unshakeable Heart…you see the correlation. And I perceive that this essence will ground further the energies I have been working with. Thank you…again :)

    Terry McGill on

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