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Imagine for a moment you have the swirling primordial energies of the universe at your finger tips and the ability to use this energy  to--skillfully craft energy into desired states. Imagine you have the ability to administer to and support others at their deepest levels. In two words: you do! By accessing the frequency of food 

The natural world with its vast and wondrous array of forms and energies offers a treasure trove of vibrational tools—in the form of food—that we can use as antidotes for negative energy patterns and to support the cultivation of positive qualities. The vibration of each plant can be understood as an energy pattern with a specific and unique signature. When these energetic signatures resonate with our natural vibrational patterns we can use them to fine-tune our energetic bodies to create specific states. 

The energetic signature of each food offers the architecture of a stable foundation onto which we can consciously craft our inner world and thereby transform our outer reality. Because we are vibrational beings in a constant state of flux, a significant key to our well-being and growth is the reinforcement of our desired energetic patterns.

In this first class

You will explore the outermost layer of the of the energetic body and foundational concepts on why eating is in fact a magical act! 

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