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In China the lily is celebrated for its regal white blossoms and for what is hidden from sight. Both the fragrant flower and the bulb have the same meaning and these are frequently depicted in art as wedding symbols. The lily flower and bulb represent harmony and unity. This plant is fittingly named ‘hundred together’ for the many overlapping scales on its bulb. Terese Tse Bartholomew states: “the lily (baihe)is thus a pun for ‘hundred’ (bai), as well as for ‘togetherness’ or ‘union’ (he). ‘

Lily grace a wall in a Minoan villa from the bronze age known as ‘House of Lilies’ looking at this fresco, you can feel the strength of the bulb as it pushes up slender stalks to be crowned by a multitude of lilies. In ancient Greece this plant was sacred to Hera, Queen of Heaven, and was said to have arisen from the drops of her breast milk as they fell to earth during the creation of the Milky Way. One of Mother Mary’s many titles is “Queen of Heaven and Earth” she also is represented by lily--her energy is so entwined with Lilium candidum it known as the Madonna Lily. The Venerable Bede (673-735), Benedictine monk, wrote of the white lily as the emblem of the Blessed Virgin; “the white petals symbolized the purity of her body and the golden anthers the beauty of her soul.” In Christian symbolism, the lily of mercy balances the flaming sword of judgment and represents purity, innocence and chastity.

The calyx or cup of the lily is particularly distinct; the deep calyx of the lily is shaped as trumpet or chalice and evokes feelings of being called to or drinking deeply of the divine. A stone bust of Greco-Roman origination (1st century B.C.E) depicts an unknown Greek goddess emerging from a calyx of a lily-like flower, reaffirming, its role as a mythic container and birthplace of the divine. Carl Jung said the lily represents psychic integrity that is no longer pulled apart by affect. The alchemical lily is ‘incorruptible’ and ‘eternal,’ ‘the noblest thing that human meditation can reach.’

Folk Wisdom: Use topically to deeply moisturize the skin, a mild astringent, supportive for varicose veins, apply to chest area for coughs and lower back and stomach to support reproductive health, good for swelling and inflammation and mild burns. Plus you are cloaked in a heavenly aroma!


PART USED ~ Flowers

COMMON NAME ~Madonna Lily and Easter Lily 

EXTRACTION METHOD ~ Organic Absolute Extraction (Hexane Free)

ORIGIN ~ France





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