Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice Made Inner Traditions 2018 Best Sellers List!

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First deep thanks everyone for the love and taking my book home! I must admit it feels a bit surreal, over half of my book collection, are titles from Inner Traditions and Bear & Company. I grew up reading the authors they have supported, nurtured, and help birth their ideas into the world. In truth, I feel a little odd and (joyful), seeing my work along side so many of my favorite writers!

In celebration and thanks when you purchase Essential Oil in Spiritual Practice you receive 50% off many of  Divine Archetypes products including Chakra Misters, Primal Elements Misters, Pure Collection Misters and Tattvas Essential Oils. 

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This allows you to 'play' with the energies explained in my book! I may be biased but it is SO fun! 

I am in the process of offering all the essential oils offered in my book (I have not gotten to the labeling stage yet) although the most important aspect is done, I have sourced beautiful, high vibration essential oils, I have used in my own practice for years.  Profiles page 95 - 107 and for a snap shot of these oils see 22 Best Essential Oils for Balancing the Chakras 

If you would like to order any of the oils included in my book just e-mail at:

I will let you know the pricing and size options. Please be aware these essential oils will be hand labeled in amber bottles and will take 7- 10 days to be posted.  

* Please include note at checkout if you would like your book dedicated to anyone or signed *



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