Bija Spa & Wellness 🌱 Detox + Energetic Purification Massage

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Bija Yoga & Wellness
Location / 436 West 800 North, Orem, Utah 84057
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Get connected to yourself. Find balance, intention, and introspection through our menu of spa services.  Book Now  a 65 or 95 minute treatment with our staff therapists, who have exclusive training in modalities unique to Bija Wellness.

 Featured Spa Treatment / Detox + Energetic Purification Massage

This flow is a combination of deep tissue massage focusing on the body’s muscles, with alternating pressures to help to lengthen, unwind, and ultimately release tension and toxins stored within the tissues: coupled with long sweeping elimination strokes stimulating blood flow and circulation. Special attention is paid to the stomach to help purge toxins and boost the body’s cleansing system.

 Image Black Currents / By Fruit Smart

 Powered by Plants 

Your body is lavished in warm black current seed oil, that is high in vitamin C and GLA that is vital for healthy functioning cells and is a building block of the immune system. It is capable of penetrating the tissues easily supplying fatty acids and nutrients not only to the skin but joints and muscles, helping to repair stress on the body: including supporting collagen and skin regeneration, acting as an anti-aging agent to moisturize and maintain skin tone. It helps remove dense dark energy from the subtle body and brings in light.

This blend is infused with the essential oils of white sage, calming and cleansing, sacred white sage removes discordant energy. Garden sage, helps cleanse the blood, skin and supports kidney health. Paulo Santo, purges dark heavy negative energy, reduces stress, supports the immune system and stimulates circulation. Sweetgrass, calls in beneficial energy after the clearing and holds space to set intentions. Lemon, cleanses the digestive track, helps with gallbladder and liver congestion, supports the immune system and brings the bright energy of lightness and joy.

+ This treatment comes with a take home bottle of sweetgrass / black current oil. After your clearing your therapist mindfully holds space with you, while you infuse your new intention into your blend.  


65 minutes $100 / 95 minutes $140 

+ 95 minutes includes / dry brushing / lymph work / crystal layout 


Image by Fruit Smart 

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