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Bija Yoga & Wellness

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Get connected to yourself. Find balance, intention, and introspection through our menu of spa services.  Text now to book a 65 or 95 minute treatment with our staff therapists, who have exclusive training in modalities unique to Bija Wellness.

 Bija Spa Treatments

Pure Light Massage

Enter the sacred space of your own deep-self, feel pure white light pulsate throughout your body, listen to the whispers of your spirit, attune and awaken to the voice of wisdom that beats in your heart. Do not push or struggle, surrender to the peace of your true self uniting with the infinite. Feel every cell of your body drink in the pure light of Norwegian cloudberry oil infused with the white blossoms of neroli and gardenia, Japanese yuzu fruit, and sandalwood. Your therapist will mindfully engage your body: releasing the pure essence of you. Engaging the muscles and fascia, using the time-honored techniques of, rolling the tissue, percussion, kneading, hand vibration and tapping, to stimulate the nerves and relieve muscle pain.

65 minutes 95 minutes 100 / 140 

 Simple Swedish Massage

For when your mood dictates less is more. A classic Swedish massage paired with pure coconut oil, without the addition of essential oil. True perfection in its simplicity. Ideal for those who have fragrance sensitivities.  

65 minutes 95 minutes 85 / 120 

Endless Summer Massage

This curated experience transports you to a sun filled afternoon, where time slows and softens, stress and worries melt away. Your senses are refreshed with the wholesome fragrances of tomato ripening on the vine, lemon and basil, uplifting mind and spirit. Soaking in your surroundings a happy balance between nature and your therapists restorative touch occurs: rolling massage strokes that focus on the gentle slopes of your body, carving away what is not the essence of you; relieving muscle tension, promoting circulation, glowing skin and spaciousness of mind. 

65 minutes 95 minutes 100 / 140

Detox + Energetic Purification Massage

This flow is a combination of deep tissue massage focusing on the body’s muscles, with alternating pressures to help to lengthen, unwind, and ultimately release tension and toxins stored within the tissues: coupled with long sweeping elimination strokes stimulating blood flow and circulation. Special attention is paid to the stomach to help purge toxins and boost the body’s cleansing system.

Your body is lavished in warm black current seed oil, that is high in vitamin C and GLA that is vital for healthy functioning cells and is a building block of the immune system. It is capable of penetrating the tissues easily supplying fatty acids and nutrients not only to the skin but joints and muscles, helping to repair stress on the body: including supporting collagen and skin regeneration, acting as an anti-aging agent to moisturize and maintain skin tone. It helps remove dense dark energy from the subtle body and brings in light.

This blend is infused with the essential oils of white sage, calming and cleansing, sacred white sage removes discordant energy. Garden sage, helps cleanse the blood, skin and supports kidney health. Paulo Santo, purges dark heavy negative energy, reduces stress, supports the immune system and stimulates circulation. Sweetgrass, calls in beneficial energy after the clearing and holds space to set intentions. Lemon, cleanses the digestive track, helps with gallbladder and liver congestion, supports the immune system and brings the bright energy of lightness and joy.

+ This treatment comes with a take home bottle of sweetgrass / black current oil. After your clearing your therapist mindfully holds space with you, while you infuse your new intention into your blend.  

65 minutes 95 minutes 100 / 140

Chakra Balancing Massage

Even though the body appears to be material, it is not. In the deeper reality, your body is a field of energy, transformation and intelligence. 

This treatment is based on the ancient healing ritual called Tattva Shuddhi. Translated simply this means deep purification, transformation and rejuvenation. You may benefit from this treatment if you relate to:

  • Past experiences or emotions being stored at a subtle level you would like released
  • Desiring more vitality
  • Releasing physical discomfort
  • Shifting the energy around deeply rooted behaviors
  • Positive traits you would like to nourish and develop
  • Undergoing transition of any sort
  • Deeply cleansing and nourishing your Chakral system
  • Supplementing and supporting your spiritual, mediation and yoga practice
  • Stimulating your divine intelligence allowing you to bloom into your full potential!

 What you can expect: This treatment begins with liberating the tissue and energy around the spine and neck, encouraging a clear flow of energy to feed into your 7 primary Chakras, which are housed along this section of the body. Simply stated, each Chakra affects a different aspect of Self: Root—physical body; Sacral—emotional body; Solar Plexus—mental body; Heart—All types of love; Throat—expression; Third eye—intuition; Crown—connection to the divine.

This session is further enhanced by the use of mantra (healing vibrations), yantra (sacred geometry) and exotic essential oils formulated for this treatment. You will be anointed at the energy center along the spine where each Chakra resides with an essential oil precisely tuned to that energy center. Then a warmed hand carved teak yantra with correlating gemstone in the center, is placed on each Chakra, while the practitioner infuses the energy of the corresponding mantra silently.

This treatment stimulates a profound response, purifying and revitalizing each of the Chakras, which in turn stimulate the deepest manifestations of consciousness within the human body, opening one to the grandeur and infinite spectrum of one’s nature.

Each session begins with an intuitive process, where you choose a card to see which Chakra needs to be tonified and ends with recommendations for further empowerment


65 minutes focus on back, neck, scalp and feet / 100 

95 minutes full body massage / 140 











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