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Featured Spa Treatment 🍁 Autumn Alchemy Massage

Autumn, in the turn of the seasons, embodies the energetic pattern of restraint, separation, and refinement. This time of year, also holds the vibrational pattern of eliminating what is unnecessary and storing up what is needed for the next phase, winter (rest, introspection, gestation). Autumn is a time for our energy to be drawn inward; it is also a time for evolution through reduction. This means shifting forms or transmutation of some sort.

Autumn offers the energy imprint to form new behaviors, such as being methodical, discerning, scrupulous, accepting, calm, disciplined, honorable, precise, and contently inward.

Your body is bathed in warm apple seed oil enhanced with the heating spices of: cardamom, black pepper, orange, and clove, relieving muscle and joint pain

The capable hands of your therapist, ‘sculpts’ the body by smoothing away any congestion and disorganization in the muscle tissue, using slow non-invasive pressure, melting into the muscle gradually increasing pressure until the muscle tension gives way to supple tissue. Your practitioner behaves like a sculptor by smoothing away what is not the essence of a supple human form. 

. Freeing congestion in the attachments to the skeleton

. Organizes chronically contracted myofascia

. Liberates and restores elasticity to myofascia

. Increases circulation in chronically congested muscle tissue

. Re-establishes independent muscle action

. Brings consciousness to the skeleton by freeing muscles from chronic tension

. Supports joint health  

 Autumn Affirmation

As the bare bones of a tree are revealed in Autumn, when all of its foliage has fallen away, so too is one’s true nature revealed in the energy of autumn, as untruths and projections that have camouflaged the true self also fall away.

65 minutes / $115 🍁 95 minutes / $145
Bīja Spa
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