Australian Sandalwood ~ Santalum spicatum

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For radiant skin, take 2 oz of sesame seed oil in a dark bottle and add 25 drops of Australian sandalwood oil, 3 drops of rose essential oil, and 7 drops of lemon essential oil. Cap and shake well. Apply while still wet out of the shower or tub and let allow yourself to air dry. Your skin will joyful 'drink' up this deeply moisturizing formula. You may also apply to your solar plexus and heart to help abolish heavy dark emotions and allow the 'sunshine' back in. 

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Key Vibrations: Serenity, stability, lightness of being 

Energetic Gifts: 

This essential oil is sattvic nature, meaning it promotes the qualities of “intelligence, virtue, and goodness, and creates harmony, balance, and stability. It is light, (not heavy) and luminous in nature. It processes an inward and upward motion and brings about the awakening of the soul. Sattva provides happiness and contentment of a lasting nature. It is the principle of clarity, wideness and peace, the force of love that unites all things together.” - Dr. David Frawley 

Brings serenity and calmness, reduces nervous energy, helps to stabilize emotional mood swings and extreme emotional reactions. Addresses the energetic root of insomnia and releases emotional tensions stored in the stomach and heart area.  

Physical Gifts:

* Antibacterial. Helps to reducing acne-causing bacteria in the skin such as Staphylococcus aureus.

* Anti-inflammatory effects: Although bisabolol is present at a lower percentage in Australian sandalwood oil, it confers a significant anti-inflammatory property on the oil.

* Skin care: An excellent emollient for dry, aging skin. It can also promote the regeneration of keratinocytes, leading to reduction in scar formation and in the repair of skin damage.

* Eases muscle spasms, helps with minor pain and inflammation, anti -fungal and viral. Good topical application for bug bites.

Of Interest: 

At a time when Indian Sandalwood Oil (Santalum alba) is becoming increasingly rare, Australian Sandalwood Oil is a more ecologically sound choice with its very similar therapeutic properties and aroma. Ours is an exceptional and very therapeutic Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil, with a natural alpha-santalol content of over 25% and a deep, complex character. 

Santolols are terpenols that are unique to the genus Santalum. These molecules are known to stimulate the pineal gland and release endorphins, giving a sense of well-being. The woody, pleasant fragrance of sandalwood oil is due to β-santolol while α-santolol has therapeutic and healing properties.

Sandalwood trees are known as ‘root hemi-parasites’, which means they require another tree or ‘host tree’ to grow. Host trees provide extra water and nutrients to the sandalwood, delivered by unique root connections. The two trees form a symbiotic relationship and live together throughout the life of the sandalwood tree. The best host species are nitrogen fixing plants (plants that convert nitrogen from the air into fertilizer for their growth), especially wattles (Acacia trees) that grow in Western Australia.  


It’s fragrance is heady, warm and creamy, with rich wood notes, and decidedly exotic.

EXTRACTION METHOD ~  Steam Distilled Essential Oil from Heart Wood 

ORIGIN ~ Australia 

NOTE CLASSIFICATION ~ Base Note, An Excellent Fixative 

MAIN COMPONETS  ~ Terpenols– α-santalol, cis-β-santalol, trans-farnesol, epi- α -bisalobol, lanceolol, nuciferol, trans-α-bergamotol. Terpenes – santalene, bergamotene, curcumene


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