Aglaia Absolute ~ Aglaia odorata Lour. (Organic)

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This small tree produces petite golden-yellow, oval shaped flowers with 6 petals. The number 6 holds the energy of structured dynamism, the ability to spontaneously respond to the moment, and allow that feedback to restructure self. In the Chinese culture, Aglaia flowers represent fortune because its little flowers look like rice grains and are believed to bring wealth and good luck.

Named after the Greek goddess Aglaia (pronounced uh . glai . uh) one of the three Graces and daughter to Zeus she brings the principles of beauty, refinement, peace and cooperation, into our everyday lives. She is known as one of Venuses favored companions and a reflection of her traits. Franceso del Cossa (1469-1470) Salone dei Mesi famously depicted Venus, the goddess of love presiding over April, with Mars (the principle of aggression in part) chained at her feet, doves (peace) fly either side of her head and favored companion Aglaia by her side.

During the Renaissance the dance of the three Graces--Aglaia (personifying Radiance), Euphrosyne (Joy), and Thalia (Flowering)--expresses the idea that any deed we do will come back to us. Paraphrasing Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472) who expressed, since one of the sisters gives, the other revives, the third returns the benefit, one learns the dance reciprocity. Frequently depicted hands interwoven in a circle implies becoming whole, the spontaneous, unmerited gift of the divine favor, the divine influence operating in humankind for regeneration and sanctification. A state of grace. 

Folk Wisdom:  Cooling for fevers, helps painful menses, soothes rheumatoid arthritis and general toxicity. Deeply relaxing, restorative, and calming. Traditionally used to boost moods, balance emotions, bringing peace, calm, and invokes a state of blissed-out grace.

Cautions: Never take internally.

Skin Support: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and astringent. Boost collagen production and protects the skin from environmental damage and rapid aging. 

PART USED ~ Flowers
EXTRACTION METHOD ~ Absolute Extraction (Hexane Free)
ORIGIN ~ Thailand


Some further reading from Pubmed 

"In the course of our continuing search for novel cancer chemo-preventive agents from natural sources, we have carried out a primary screening in vitro assay of the compounds isolated from Aglaia odorata. Consequently, aminopyrrolidine-diamides, odorine and odorinol, were obtained as active constituents. These compounds exhibited potent anti-carcinogenic effects in a two-stage carcinogenesis test of mouse skin induced by 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene (DMBA) as an initiator and 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA) as a promoter. Further, both compounds showed remarkable inhibitory effects in two-stage mouse skin carcinogenesis models induced by nitric oxide (NO) donors such as (+/-)-(E)-methyl-2-[(E)-hydroxyimino]-5-nitro-6-methoxy-3-hexenamide (NOR-1) or peroxynitrite as an initiator and TPA as a promoter. From these results, it was concluded that odorine and odorinol inhibited both the initiation and promotion stages of two-stage skin carcinogenesis."


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