Experience the Ultimate Wellness Retreat at Imiloa Costa Rica

Posted by Candice Covington on

My heart is so soft to announce our two upcoming retreats. 2024 Oct 30 - Nov 4. OR 2025 Mar 24 - 29
🌴5 days of paradise at The Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica
Each day is richly textured exploring a deeply rooted aspect of Self
1 🪷 Lotus. As this is your arrival day, all activities are passive and designed for you to receive, fill your cup and make ready for the week.
2 🪨 Earth. Archetype of Brown Boronia Flower which is the energetic blue print of the physical body. Yin Flower Flow Yoga that wakes-up the same archetype. Easy hike to Blue Clay water fall, with lead full body application of blue mud and ritual. Learn about your food-body or annamaya kosh and its fascinating role, including holding the entire story of creation at a cellar level and how you access this timeless information. What food cravings and aversions reveal about YOU.
3 🪸 Water. The gate way to emotional body, collective unconscious, and the Divine Feminine. Mimosa Flower archetype, with Yin Flower Flow teaching the same divine blue print. Day trip to the Ocean at Playa Linda (complete with delicious nibbles and lush tented, seating area).
4 ❤️‍🔥Fire. The mental body, understanding the role of ego, and transmutation. Archetype of the Narcissus Flower with correlating Yin Flower Flow. Fire ceremony.
5 💨💧 Air / Ether. The breath of Life and Akasha. Archetype of the Hyacinth Flower and accompanying Yin Flower Flow. Soundbath, working with your unique spiritual gifts and intuition and yoga nidra.
🙇‍♀️ All yoga is guided by the brilliant yogini Lisa Draper Morley
🥑 Mindfully crafted Vibrational Nutrition vegan meals that wakeup and reinforce all of our themes
🧠 Food for the Mind 
👇 email me for more information + free gift! candice@divinearchetypes.com