Product Reviews & Praise

"I was guided to your site by a new Medium that I am seeing. My guides highly recommended your Kaffir Lime leaf essential oil and Incorruptus mister, for clearing from my work at the hospital as a nurse in the open heart surgery ward."      ~ Joanie, Del Mar CA

"I got the Air and Earth misters for my daughter-in-law and she loves them!"      ~ Glenda, Nordland, WA 

"Candice, your misters are performing their own great work deliberately creating space and giving rise to the art of feeling good"."      ~ Nicole, Laguna CA 

"I bought your Ether and its amazing!!!""      ~ Kim, Vancouver WA 

"Twice a day at work I have a ritual removal of my eye glasses, self misting of my work area with Fire, two or three spritzes. The wave of freshness and focus keeps me sailing another couple, three hours!"      ~ Charles, Lake Oswego, OR 

"YES! beautifully crafted and smell so nice. Chakra Misters."     ~ Kathy, Carlsbad CA

"I love the PURE spray!!"      ~ Leslie, Carlsbad CA 

"Ether is my FAV although it's not in the Chakra line. I think it's in the "This will take you cosmic" section."     ~ Trish, Cardiff-by-the sea, CA 

"Air. Started the morning with love, forgiveness and grace. Yummy"      ~ Sonia, New Zealand

"I am a fan of 1-7! I can personally attest to the fact these chakra mists are essential to energizing your chakras. Absolutely divine! - Chakra Collection"      ~ Libby, Carlsbad CA 

"Today..I delicately sprayed this all over my deliciously cleared all the negative energies and uplifted my home in the most magical ways"      ~ Kelie, Carlsbad CA 

"I ordered Pure because we just got a new house and I needed the clearing help. Everyone needs these!"     ~ Emily, Seattle, WA 

"I am in love with this spray! This is an oh so powerful blend! I love the scent and it instantly brought me calm. (Primal Elements Earth)""      ~ Maurice, Seattle WA 

"Working with the energy of Elephant offered to me by your Earth spray has been so powerful. I love it!"     ~ Hope, Portland, OR 

""I use the Root mister for computer work and focus. I cannot tell you how amazingly clear, balanced and almost "effervescent" I feel after spraying that! As I said before, you have a true gift!"      ~ Deanna, Portland, OR